Consultation and Marketing

NTS Communications addresses the needs of our customers.
To ensure the success of our clients, we discuss your requirements with you to get the best out of our services. 



Expense Management

We introduce vendors who can professionally design, implement and deploy Billing Management and Reporting Systems.


Fulfilment via Web Portal, procurement, and delivery of ICT hardware and software.


Design, Deploy, Integrate

We provide systems other than Telstra Solutions, such as LAN side networking etc.


We advise about the ICT areas of our clientele's business.

We provide mobile devices, mobile broadband, tablets, and accessories. Our team also manages customer mobile fleets, from a handful of devices to thousands of different type devices. This allows our customers to focus more on their business.

Social Media


Social media is an important aspect of any brand. According to marketing experts, it produces almost double the marketing leads of traditional outbound methods.

However, companies can't do this by simply creating a page and mindlessly posting updates. They need a two-way conversation with their audience, engaging them by answering queries or responding to posted reviews.

At NTS Communications, we have access to a new online tool which allows companies to: