Cutting-Edge Business Strategy

NTS Communications is an exclusively contracted resource to Telstra Corporation, a premium solution provider.
Our company addresses client service issues and improves the service standards provided to Telstra’s Business & Enterprise clientele.

How We


Our company strategy incorporates full support and customer service to all Telstra Business and Enterprise clients. We're a team of specialists that has years of experience in the following areas:

Enhanced Customer Service:

Since we're an extension to Telstra’s direct sales and service capability, we can offer improved customer coverage and enhanced service intimacy.

Business Success:

We assist our clients in determining their business objectives, implementing solutions and achieving their business goals. We provide professional advice on all aspects of Telstra solutions to help them know which suits their business.

Why Choose Us

Our Team Structure

  • Management

  • Account Management

  • Accounts

  • Direct Sales

  • Support / Admin

  • ICT and Project Management

We Ensure Competitive Advantage

Technology solutions allow companies to differentiate their business from the competition. They also create a competitive advantage and high levels of customer satisfaction.

As IT and Telecommunications experts, we help our clients manage all processes on a long term basis. In this way, company owners can focus more on running the business and servicing their customers.

While handling all business processes, we'll continue to find better ways for our clients to be more productive, efficient, and more competitive in the industry. NTS Communications is truly dedicated in managing and growing digital ecosystems according to clients' specific business requirements.